Upcycled Awesomeness in Kauai – KIKO simple goods

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Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka (that’s Hawaiian for Merry Christmas – a tad late, but still –) We’ve just returned from a very fun trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. In between the (muddy & fun!) hiking, beaches, and dodging wild roosters, we explored the lovely low-key town of Kapa’a. This was one of our favorite finds, KIKO simple goods*, specializing in unique local art, upcycled goods and clever environmental products. It just made us happy (plus it doesn’t hurt to be located in paradise…). Be inspired, visit the web links and if in Kauai, visit the store!



* KIKO’s has opened recently and they don’t have a website yet, but when they do I will update this post with a link – because they really are awesome. This is NOT a sponsored post, just love from an admirer.


Outdoor Pathway Ideas

We’ve been capturing photos of paths, stone walls, stairs and walkways that inspire, delight or absolutely impress us.

We’ll update this series as we collect more and more images. We are eager to see what you are finding and hear what you think, too.

Posted August 5, 2012

We found the above beautifully created path in a private Seattle garden. How did they do it? Isn’t it awesome?

Posted July 28, 2012

How easily do you think this path was to create and install? Likely more challenging than it appears and we’re certain anything begins to look intentional and beautiful once the plants start growing in. Double Dog Dare you to give it a whirl 🙂 Continue reading

Recycle all your Styrofoam at IKEA!

Look at what we just found! IKEA has this fabulous recycling station. It’s located inside the main garage, just outside customer service (can’t miss it). It’s FREE and accepts materials from other companies.

IKEA recycling station for customers! Styrofoam packing, bulbs, cardboard etc

Bulb recycling can be tricky to decipher– IKEA makes it easy by including drawings, text, and separate bins. Note: In Seattle they do NOT recycle the long fluorescent tubes… but they DO take broken bulbs (they really do love us). Continue reading

Chicken Coop Design #1

Check out this chicken palace! One of my favorite set ups– so many good ideas here. This elevation shows the Dutch door which lets you toss in kitchen scraps/scratch without escaping chickens. The regular feed is also stored right where you need it, bungees over the tops of the cans keep out the other animals. Cinchy. Continue reading

Lizard Pillow!

This cracked me up– just right for my house full of boys–

It’s perfect that he’s off center, as if he’s going to amble across your couch!

Solar Panels Used as Awning

Modern design in South Park (yep, THAT South Park)

A fantastic way to incorporate solar panels into your design! It’s not a roof with solar panels attached, it’s the panels doing double duty as both roof/awning and solar collector. You could easily add a simple gutter to direct rain to your rain garden 🙂