What are you doing?

Once a week we get together at one of our houses and tackle a project together.  We brainstorm, research, build – and we always eat lunch. Once a month we plan to donate our time to a neighbor.

We work together well, although our personalities differ. To describe our personalities using the glass half full/empty metaphor:

Monica’s glass is always full. She’ll find a way to fill any glass you put in front of her even if it isn’t hers. Mary Jean is usually looking for her glass. Once she finds it, she fills it up with good ideas and good questions like, “How long will it take? Is there a better way to do it? Can we do it for less? Can I carry that big, huge box of really heavy glasses cause I’m really strong?” Heidi wonders if hers has to be a glass at all. She wants a mason jar, an old can or that cool ceramic tub she found on the side of the road marked, FREE!

Why are you doing this?

  • We want to get together – but we’re busy! We’ve got things to do – painting, caulking, gardening, building, cleaning.  So, we thought, why not do those things as a group (brilliance!)
  • Honestly, better ideas and better design come from working together, plus we nudge each other forward with those projects that are daunting and delayed.
  • We get to make big messes at our friend’s houses.
  • We get so much done. I mean, SO much done.
  • We try things we would never dare on our own.

No, WHAT EXACTLY, Are You Doing?

  • Painting all kinds of stuff: fireplaces, light fixtures, grills, walls, cabinets, furniture
  • Building decks, railings, and patios
  • Eating great lunches
  • Millwork/ Interior trim
  • Making recycled art
  • Designing spaces, finishes, and functional pieces of art
  • Updating a Kitchen
  • Sawing up an old table and painting chairs
  • Making light fixtures
  • Caulking… a lot!
  • Eating more great lunches
  • Figuring out how to get what we design within a reasonable budget

Why are you blogging about it?

We think we have something going that is pretty good. Constructively creative women getting stuff done. We’d like to share our experiences in hopes of encouraging others out there to do the same. We’d love to hear what projects you are tackling.

How long can you keep this going?

As long as it remains fun we’ll post something a couple times a week, but not on weekends. We do have lives, you know. Sign up for email notices so you don’t miss any. Click the “like” Facebook icon if you like us – share the love!

9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. What a great site with wonderful ideas! Disappointed I only discovered this now as I would have loved to attend your workshop. Any other ones coming up in the near future? Do you guys just do this for fun or do you ever contract out to help others?


    • Thanks for your nice comments! We started the whole thing with the intention of getting stuff done and being able to visit at the same time. But we are open to the idea of consultation though… Do you have a particular project in mind?


  2. Found your blog through the article on the SecondUse site. You ladies are living my dream. I haven’t explored your site too much yet. My husband is refusing to do any more “projects” that I dream up so I am learning and doing as best I can on my own. Although my son has helped me recently take out a deck. I look forward to learning and being inspired by you three! -Maria B.


    • Hi Maria, thanks for the nice compliments! We have found it fun and really effective to tackle projects with a few competent friends – it’s kind of amazing how the ideas gel, solutions are brainstormed, and tools can be borrowed 😉 Decks are great additions – outdoor rooms actually. Good luck with yours and send us a picture if you can!


  3. I just happened upon your site! Awesome stuff – do you guys ever offer workshops (or random strangers the chance to work with you?) 🙂 I just bought my first home two years ago – I have all these grandiose ideas and the skill set to make toast. I want to hang with you ladies! Pick up by osmosis 🙂


    • Welcome and thank you! We’re glad you are inspired, too. You’ve sparked a brainstorm so we’ll get back to you about the osmosis request. In the meantime, how about starting with a small project to get your feet wet. That’s what we’ve done and it makes a difference. Grab a friend who is willing to explore, make mistakes and happy accidents. It makes the whole adventure more fun. Don’t forget to have lunch! 🙂


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