About Us

Photo of Hammer Like A Girl girls

Three Seattle girls with backgrounds in graphic design, architecture, construction, and real estate – with a preference for rusty and worn and modern – you’ll see! We try to stay calm, we just learn as we go and have fun doing it.

24 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow…love the dictionary table, the salvaged locker…well everything! And, I want to see the Orcas on San Juan Island! Especially loved seeing women over 20 blogging about DIY! I have a photography blog because I’m better at taking a photo than building it myself but, you girls inspired me!


    • Thanks for the nice words Donna! We love getting together and getting stuff done, it is so much easier with a friend. Your photography (and garden!) is beautiful, especially love the mustard in Sonoma/Napa County, amazing colors. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Found your blog while looking for tips on installing Craftsman door casings. What a treat! Makes me wish I lived in Seattle, or at least near some like-minded women.


  3. Well hello Mary Jean!! Charlotte has told me a lot about you, but i never knew you were so crafty with a hammer and all the tools. I love seeing what you ladies come up with next. You should be on a TV show!! I could see you on HGTV for sure. So inspiring that YES women can do these things and I’m sure its more fun with friends.
    Yes Project 365 is a photo a day. Charlotte may have told you I’m a bit of a nerd with my camera, but I got her back into shooting. I need to delve into my site again.
    Keep up the amazing inspiring work!!


  4. I love your blog! Its so exciting to see three women take on these jobs and get them done. Very inspiring indeed. I know Mary Jean’s sister Charlotte and she told me to look up your blog. It is so awesome!
    I just started working on a wordpress blog – its giving me a headache!! I just need to play around with it. I have one on blogger but i wanted something that looked neater – like yours. Its so organized. I love your blog. You go girls!!


    • Thanks for visiting and your encouragement Joey. Yes, it can be a bit daunting to figure out all the nuances of WordPress. Stick with it. We continue to discover new things and mistakes all the time. What is a 365 project? An image a day? I know this reply will look like it came from Heidi, but it’s actually me, Mary Jean. See, we haven’t figured out that piece, yet. Good luck and thanks again for your reply. Happy New Year!


  5. Monica,
    I followed your link over here from LinkedIn. I’m impressed. These posts make me feel like it’s time to knock back an ice-cold beverage and the only muscle I lifted was my mouse finger. Nice work. I’ll check back to see if any of you are adding a second-story deck onto a house.


    • Lol! OPR, other people’s remodeling! So, no second floor deck, but 2 second floors (mine and Heidi’s). I can recommend a great structural engineer which might be a fab way to start- he might tell you everything you need to know :) Nice to hear from you- happy 2012-


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