Resources we love! Below are some local/Seattle places and resources we’ve used. And a few that are accessible from wherever you live. We know that someone actually had Seattle Street Signs shipped to the Midwest after seeing our post about them. What is that all about? Spreading the love!

If you have some great places or resources, local or not, let us know and we’ll slip it in here along with others we are sure to discover along our way.


  1. Albert Lee  Nice appliances (Viking, Miele, Fisher-Paykel etc) – if you are not subject to a schedule you can shop their twice yearly “Warehouse Sale”.  Awesome deals.
  2. Sears and Albert Lee have scratch and dent locations.
  3. Boeing sometimes has super employee discounts (check with Boeing).
  4. Metropolitan Appliance

Demolition & Salvage

  1. Craigslist– you may be happily surprised what you can get rid of and for that matter find!
  2. Earthwise* salvage experts can walk you through their process and services, detailing what they can do for you and your project – all on a no-fee basis!
  3. The ReStore* and Second Use* offer deconstruction services too.
  4. Habitat for HumanitySecond Use* actually partners with Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity.
  5. UW Surplus*  has a wide range of reclaimed furniture, bikes, kitchen equipment, machinery, tools

Hardware Supplies

  1. Hardwick’s Hardware*  New and used tools, furniture & plumbing. Plus a deep inventory with lots of one-of-a-kind finds. It’s not your regular hardware store.
  2. Stoneway Hardware*   Locally owned 12,000 square-foot specialty hardware powerhouse.

Lumber Supplies

  1. Dunn Lumber*  Anything from flooring to 4X4’s. You’ll find “Odd Lot” for good prices. Their warehouse has an entire aisle VG fir “seconds” from the wood mills.  Great prices if you are ok with small defects.
  2. Blackstock Lumber*  Incredible depth of knowledge and all around great place. Cedar, custom millwork and will match old siding. They also have a seconds rack in the warehouse.
  3. Moulding and Millwork offers Spero eco-wise millwork and boards. You can find their products across the country.

Paint & Supplies

  1. Daly’s Paint Supply*  Specialty paints, stains and advice.
  2. Benjamin Moore  Quality paint, supplies and advice. Matches colors within 2 days.

Reclaimed Building Supplies

  1. Ballard Reuse*  One of our favorite haunts for interesting bits of hardware, metal, lighting, old house parts, and wood with character/history. ( Formerly the ReStore )
  2. Second Use*  You’ll find the same kinds of things here as at Ballard Reuse, but they sometimes carry overstock of new materials or seconds. They usually have great tile and some new wood flooring.
  3. Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity Store*  Differs from the others in that they carry furniture and far more new materials. It seems they gets lots of overstock and seconds. Awesome!
  4. Earthwise*  Their retail warehouse is full of both vintage and new doors, windows, lighting, and lumber. They also offer a diverse assortment of architectural antiques including stained glass, wrought iron, pillars, posts, and columns.


  1.  Bottle Caps: Aveda* in the University Village,
  2. Styrofoam #6, used light bulbs, IKEA cardboard: IKEA Renton* ( Note – styrofoam recycling is now located in the last blue building on the West side, between Packaging Alliance and IKEA )
  3. Corks: PCC Natural Markets*, Wine World Warehouse*, and locations across the US
  4. Used Appliances and Metal: Mike’s Appliance Recycling* (free pick up from Sea Tac to North Seattle)
  5. Check out these websites:*, Where Seattle Recycles*,*
  6.  Terracycle

Research Sources

  1. Green Home Building   Great place to start researching sustainable building. Not a beautiful website, but if you can get past that then you have a good starting point.
  2. Washington Toxics Coalition   Applicable to most any region/state so check it out if you are wondering about a particular question regarding building, demo or even cosmetics.


  1. Phinney Neighborhood Tool Library*  Lends tools as long as you are a member. Less expensive than renting tools from Home Depot or rental places.
  2. North Seattle Tool Library* The newest member of the tool lending community!
  3. West Seattle Tool Library*  Another lending library in Seattle.
  4. Tool Libraries There are location across the country. If not near you consider starting one.
  5. Hingmy If you want to buy new tools start your research here.


  1. Snohomish Airport Welding and Muffler This company does all sorts of welding, so if you need a table base assembled and welded, check them out.

Extras Just for Fun

  1. Avisa Organics  Online fabric shopping. Beautiful choices and very open to sending out samples
  2. PCC*   Local market here in Seattle. They have tons of information on their site including recipes, healthy eating, sustainability, farming etc. Check them out.
  3. Seattle Street Signs*  We love that the City of Seattle offers these to the public for a small fee rather than just sending them to the landfill.
  4. Tiny House  Imagine living with less. Tough to actually do, but inspiring. What do you think? Could you do it? Would you want to?
  5. Goodwill* and many other second-hand stores are great places to comb for great finds.
  6. Craig’s List Free Stuff  has a constant supply of things people are trying to get rid of for free. You just have to pick it up.
  7. Stay alert for garage sales, friends’ giving away stuff and free curbside items.

*Resources that are local to Seattle. But worth checking out online anyway. Who knows you may be inspired to start a business in your home town!

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