Make a Home Office Pendant Light

I needed a light for my workspace. I wanted to find a really awesome Pendant Light. I poked around online and found some that were amazing, but a little too expensive for me to handle. I had a very basic $17.00 IKEA pendant light left over from my kitchen update. $17-40.00 was more like my budget. But, it was so small and lacked any funk at all. Plus it looked like it belonged in a kitchen.

Original Ikea Pendant Light

I was hoping to snag an inexpensive, awesome, retro light from Second Use Building Materials or RE Store. Continue reading

Modernized Armoire


I have a cottage style home which means very little storage space. I purchased an armoire from a friend several years ago with the idea that one day I’d paint, stain, or at least change the door handles.

I wanted to modernize the whole room. It currently serves as a makeshift office, spare bedroom and a lazy catch-all storage space. The thought was to get rid of a lot of useless stuff and shift the room toward a contemporary office space that could quickly convert into a bedroom when guests arrive.

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Hallway Color Makeover

At one time, I thought having red in the hallway would add life and spark. The palette from a stir stick view seemed to be a good choice.


Lesson Learned: If there isn’t natural light available you’ll need a lighter color than you might think. In fact, less color just might be better. That doesn’t mean you should never choose rich bold colors. It’s all about the light. Continue reading

Patio Fire Pit: Re-purposed Scrap Metal Box

Roasted marshmallows, smores and warmth out the back door. SWEET!

I had a rusting scrap metal box that Heidi gave me when she and her husband decided to purge some of their….treasures. Lucky me! She originally got it at one of our favorite spots, ReStore. It sat in her garage for a couple of years and then literally sat up-ended in my back yard for another 6-7 years. Getting more and more beautiful with exposure all the while. Continue reading

DIY Arbor Fence

There was a rental house to the north of my house. The yard was weedy and overgrown or worn down depending on what was going on over there. I wanted to be able to walk to my backyard and gate without cringing. But, I didn’t want a “wall”.

This was the view of my house from the north.

I kept a photo library of fences and arbors that I liked. With those pictures close by and with the help of my pals we designed an arbor type fence for my front yard screen. The main idea was to make sure it had shape/dimension and use plantings to create a “soft” screen rather than an unneighborly wall.

The completed arbor before planting anything.

I used amber colored glass post caps and did not make it one continuous fence.

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Field Trip – Ideas are flowing

Old Seattle street lamp. Kitchen pendant light?

We are down one girl this week. Monica is out-of-town with her family. Heidi and I decided to go on a field trip to one of our favorite places. We needed some inspiration and just felt like roaming the aisles of ReStore. Continue reading

Hallway Makeover

The hallway, right off my kitchen, leads both to my back door/porch and down to my unfinished but functional basement. It has been creepy and ugly in that hallway forever.

I used to just shut that door and pretend the hallway didn’t exist. But, my washer and dryer are downstairs! I had to open that door. Heidi and I have referred to it as “the murder’s hallway” since I moved into my house many years ago.

I also realized I was missing out on the beautiful natural light that streams into my kitchen when I leave that door open. So, I called in the girls and we made a plan!

The challenge: Improve it easily and inexpensively and use only what I already had on hand? Steep requirements, but we were up for the challenge. Continue reading

Have Color Palette will Travel – Steal this Idea!

This simple tip saves a ton of time in the long run.

My kitchen color palette is portable and ready to go!

Keep your overall paint color palette handy and top of mind.  Grab a couple extra paint stir sticks the next time you are at your local hardware or paint store. Use one stir stick per paint color/finish.

You’ll have your full color palette handy and ready to travel with you as you find and select future paint colors, rugs, flooring, furniture, towels, shower curtain, bedding etc. You see where I’m going here, right?

If you are really disciplined you could write your color formula, paint store name and phone number on the sticks, as well. I’m not that far gone (yet), but I know there are those of you out there so, knock yourself out! 🙂

DIY Bulletin Board

This easy little project has been perfect for posting drawings, ideas or artwork I make or get from my talented friends both short and tall.

I also clip photos, fall leaves, concert tickets, teen idols (Flashback – I did that in high school) or anything else that inspires me. I’m constantly adding and exchanging things I pin up. And sometimes I don’t change anything for several days, weeks or months.

It’s like a real life, olden days, analog non-electronic Pinterest board! 🙂 Continue reading

Declutter your Mailbox

Spring is trying to arrive here in Seattle. We started talking about purging and decluttering those piles that somehow seem to appear and grow on their own. How does that happen? Where does all that paper come from?

There is some good news! If you are fortunate to have a fancy schmancy, smartsy wartsy phone there is a slick new app out. Just snap a photo of a piece of unwanted junk mail and Paper Karma handles the rest. More details are here.

Good bye clutter. Hello spring : )