Mod Podge the Chicken Coop – or How to Keep The Hens Happy

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exterior mod podge, chicken coop

Poopsie Lulu was upset. Her coop was looking shabby and in dire need of an update. It was High Time for a bit of love and attention.

Poopsie-at-the-Door-615x409She gave me a stern look.

Poopsie-Looking-Stern-615x528Yikes! I have a blog to write, Poops, (Hammer Like A Girl) – I am so sorry I don’t have time for this right now! You are a talented girl though – I bet you could tackle this on your own. (Time honored parenting advice) I directed her to Google for a few ideas.

Poopsie and “The Google”

Google-Chicken-Coops-2Whoa!! Dial it back a bit, girlfriend, how about we start with some Mod Podge . . .

So Poopsie and her coop-mate, Princess, did a bit more research and with a stroke of  cLuck they discovered the site, AllPosters, with a fine selection of poultry art! And cheep! Very eggcited, they set to work.

First they organized – gathering:

  • Paint brushes for Mod Podge, 1″- 3″ widths (which can be cleaned and re-used)
  • A pencil for marking where to apply the glue and paint
  • Mod Podge Outdoor
  • Mod Podge Antique Matte
  • A stiff squeegee/hand burnisher
  • Black paint, exterior
  • A small paintbrush for thin black lines
  • A wet rag to wiping off mistakes

Next, the girls cleaned and painted the offending front door.




exterior mod podge, chicken coop Examining the poster they had purchased and realizing they were not happy with the overly pristine look of the print, they decided to experiment with aging it a bit by applying one coat of Mod Podge Antique Matte finish. These girls have discerning taste. After a 15 minute drying time it had just the right patina.

Holding the poster against the door, an outline was gently traced in pencil and filled in with Outdoor Mod Podge.

Modpodging-the-doorWorking quickly – especially for hens – they brushed the Outdoor Mod Podge onto the back side of their poster and applied it to the (still wet) door.

Modpodge-the-backThey carefully smoothed the poster onto the door with the squeegee/hand burnisher.

Modpodge-squeegeeNow those ever-clever hens decided to solve the problem of “glue creep” – glue creeping outside the edge of the poster and onto the door – by painting a border around the edge and about 1/2″ out. They also painted the distracting white edge of the poster. In this way the potential shine of the glue seems intentional. Free-handing the black paint gave the piece a more hand-made appeal

Paint-the-poster-edgeThe final four thin coats were applied the same day, allowing a 20 minute drying time for each coat. These layers were painted on all the way to the outside black line, insuring a good seal of the poster edges.

Thin-layers-of-exterior-modpodge-e1411358958596Well done my eggceptional girls! I knew you could do it!

Modpodge-Poster-FinishedHere’s Princess – she wants to share a joke with you.

Two ducks were sitting in a pond and the first one says, “QUACK!”, and the second one says, “That’s funny, that’s what I was gonna say!”

We love silly jokes and mod podge projects – send us something!


10 thoughts on “Mod Podge the Chicken Coop – or How to Keep The Hens Happy

  1. What a riot, Princess and Poopsie seem to be expert crafters with a good sense of humour and some Cluck, LOL that made me laugh. I always forget about Modge Pod. This is the first I hear about the outdoor mix, hmmmmm thinking now too. I’m going to head overthere for another cluckle or chuckle, whatever comes first. Hey? What are you girls getting up to this fall?


    • Hi Boomdee, well, we are digging ourselves out of the Halloween production debris that made it’s way into every room and covered every floor of our home…Glad my son has an artistic drive but wow! We are going to need a storage shed before long. We just finished painting Heidi’s floors and they look SO GOOD!! Post coming soon. Glad you liked the chicken piece – I especially liked the construction paper “hands” – that was fun to do 🙂 What’s new with our favorite Canadian?

      Liked by 1 person

      • As far as the house, I only had time to 1/2 un-decorate the porch from Halloween. Now it just looks like we’re confused, LOL. We had a visit from a terrific guy last night and bought our community membership. This community is almost as old as Edmonton itself, there’s many backyard vegetable gardens and lots of big trees. They’re very community minded here and even have a website. One cool thing was, we were given $25 ‘Community Dollars’ to use as an exchange for services or item from another neighbour Like, maybe I’m available for Dog Walking through the Christmas holidays, or selling a bike at a garage sale, or can help you put up your Christmas lights or give you a ride somewhere instead of calling a cab. It’s to incourage a community spirit of sharing time, services, expertise with your neighbours. Kind of cool hey? We’re really excited about living here!


      • I like that idea! I think asking for help can build a better relationship (if not taken advantage of) but we tend to want to “do it ourselves”…Your $25 coupon probably makes people feel better about asking for help when they can give a little something back. Nice – I’m glad you found a community and not just a great house 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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