Two of Our Favorite & Quick Painting Hacks!

Exterior WindowsWe make a lot of mistakes when painting, so we have a couple quick ways to fix them.

The first is to simply wipe them off with a wet rag we carry in our canvas work apron. You may end up wiping off paint from the surface where you actually wanted it, but that’s OK, just paint again โ€“ and sometimes you will need to wipe fairly hard to remove it ( depending on how long you waited to address it. Our advice โ€“ do it right away.)

The second is a tip from the handy husband. He used to paint houses in the summer to save money for college. You simply wrap your wet rag around a small putty knife. This allows you to clean up tight corners and other hard to navigate areas.

How easy is that! Happy painting ๐Ÿ™‚

PS โ€“ Daly’s Paint, has a gift for signing up for their e-newsletter; a free pint of C2 paint each month. We just picked up Tangerine! Sign up for the Color Club here.

Share your hot painting tip with us โ€“ if we receive enough we can write a post with them and will be sure to give you credit!

5 thoughts on “Two of Our Favorite & Quick Painting Hacks!

  1. Weeell ! (say it like Samantha on Bewitched). When we were renovating our last home, I took on the painting to save a little money on the whole project. 2 days into a 5 day project I wish I had just paid them to do it all. It was pure misery. The only tip I have is, sand with extra fine paper between coats to rid the final project of any bumps or stray hairs etc. Or call a guy ๐Ÿ˜€


    • IKR! But I am so fussy about my wood windows (after seeing the neighbor’s window rot) that I feel like I want to do it myself…am I a control freak??! Now I am obsessing about really good caulk – because I think a lot of it is lousy.

      How’s the new place? Are you loving it??


      • LOL, nope, I don’t think of it as being a control freak. It’s sometimes hard to find someone who cares about how things are done as much as I do.

        We got possession of this home Jun 6th but hung on to the condo so we could paint here. We were really lucky to have a fellow who’s a friend of a friend. Zen is Polish, a perfectionist, and very very tidy. He did in 3 days what would have taken me a month. The economy is so hot here, you can’t find qualified trades to do anything at a reasonable price. I was tasked with finding a painter and I didn’t even try to negotiate his price. He was available, experience, willing to work the weekend and prompt. These guys are worth their weight in gold.

        We had a fabulous summer here, thanks for asking. We’ve got a pretty private back yard (for a central location) so enjoyed our deck. We got AC installed in August and organized most of our stuff from the Condo. We’re in the process of emptying a storage locker, a couple of boxes at a time. I’ve really been neglecting that whole pile, LOL.


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