Make Your Own Curtain Rod Finials

This is a really simple way to use those beautiful pine cones you probably have hanging around – make some curtain rod finials.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your Pine Cone Collection
  2. 2 Corks
  3. Hot Glue gun and Glue sticks
  4. Rubber Gasket (elective).

How you’ll get it done:

Select corks (find them at your local hardware store) that will fit the diameter of your curtain rods, trim with a serrated knife if necessary. Hot glue the cork to the bottom of each pine cone, insert the cork into each end of the curtain rod. (We used a black rubber gasket, also from hardware store, for a transition between pine cone and rod, but this is not necessary.) If you want a more uniform (and a little less natural) look, you could spray paint the pine cone to match the rod.

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Curtain Rod Finials

  1. I have used the same idea of stuffing wine corks into the ends of curtain rods as a means of attaching a finial, but I used copper pipe for the curtain rods, then copper female threaded fittings on the end of the copper rod, then attached wooden knobs I harvested from dresser drawers left in the alley using the wine corks. All recycled material except the copper pipe, but the copper is both reusable (I used part of one curtain rod when I was re-plumbing a house in the neighborhood) and ultimately recyclable. In any case I was gratified to see people as clever as you three coming up with the same idea for attaching finials to rods. (And I find myself scoping out pine trees here in sunny so cal, looking for future finials.)


    • Using copper pipes is a great idea! It is hilarious that you ended up using part of one of your curtain rods for a plumbing job. “Hmmm… do I have a bit of copper pipe lying around? Oh yes of course, my curtain rod!” Quick questions: Are the fittings there for a little detail between the rod and finial? When you put the female threaded fittings on the ends of the pipe, is the pipe threaded too? Or is it soft enough to thread itself? This sounds really cool and we will have to try it! You really do need to start your own blog you know, you have lots of good ideas the people need to know!


  2. That’s a great & simple idea for that summer cabin on the lake, and so many different types of cones to choose from here in the Pacific Northwest. I may have to give it a try!!


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