Chalkboard Polka Dots

Here’s an easy and inexpensive idea for using chalkboard paint in a limited area on a wall in a child’s room – confine it inside a painted shape. I used dots, but the shape could be anything –  flowers, animals, spaceships….. It works best if the shapes are a little loose/imperfect.

How To:

Drawing the Dots: First, loosely draw the polka dot shape(s) on the wall with a piece of chalk to establish the general placement and size. Then push a tack into the center of the circle. Make a knotted loop in the end of the string, loop it around the tack, pull the string taut, and tie a piece of chalk to the string where it lines up with your loosely drawn outline. The tack/string/chalk will work like a compass if you hold the string taut and draw the outline with the chalk. Make the string a little shorter and repeat, drawing another circle inside the first. I didn’t try to make it perfect, because I wanted it to be loose and fun, and because I knew I’d never be able to get it perfect even if I tried. I repeated this for the other polka dots.

Painting the Dots: I painted the colored borders with latex interior wall paint with a 1/2″ artist brush – again, I didn’t try to be perfect. I braced the heel of my hand against the wall to stabilize my hand so I could get a nice smooth edge. After the paint dried, I used brush-on chalkboard paint, applying it with a 2″ latex paint brush. You could apply a second coat if necessary.

Finishing up: After all the paint has thoroughly dried, I used a damp cloth to wipe off any remaining chalk lines. Tic tac toe anyone?

7 thoughts on “Chalkboard Polka Dots

  1. I love the polka dot Idea. I read somewhere that you can make blackboard paint by adding grout (I think) to ordinary paint, making it less expensive and also more colorful.


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